This is me,

Iris Efthymiou.

Iam someone who is fascinated by the World and how it works, where it is going and how we humans fit in. If this interests you too, join me in trying to understand some of the major influences that are not only affecting how things are today but are also going to change the future.

Welcome to my website.

It is my view that everyone and everything are connected and our actions have an impact on us and all those around us for better or worse. Because I am an optimist I believe it is mostly for the better.

To observe in the progress of the human race you just need to acquiesce, to participate and change things you not only need to be curious, you need to set your objectives, work hard, convince others, be persistent and believe you can achieve your goals.

At the moment and for the recent past one of my own major fields of interest has been ‘health affairs’ including how modern practices are, in part, moving towards a more holistic approach (following the Ancients?) and how this is going to prolong our lives. The extension of human life is one of the major drivers of the changes in society that we are seeing and will see in the future.

Whilst the resultant changes are going to be huge in themselves, longevity is not the only reason. There are myriad influences involved in every sphere, for individuals they include diet, lifestyle, education, freedom to think, all of which will have a major bearing on society as a whole as it moves from one present to another, the future. For Societies, they include the system of Government (Democracy, Theocracy and others eg; China), the economic model, big data, artificial intelligence among many others.

All of these are merely symptoms of the Progress of Humanity – this is what interests me.

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