Real, deep hatred may not be the commonest thing in the world, but holding a grudge surely is something we all do to one degree or another. It’s nearly impossible to be as forgiving as we should all the time, even though we know it’s better to just let go. With that in mind, one teacher decided to make a point to her students and, when I read the story, I was very excited and surprised with its creativity. The way she decided to do it, however, is as creative as it is poignant; she decided she was going to teach her students a lesson about hatred by playing a game with them.

She instructed them to each go home, find a plastic bag, and fill it with one potato for each person they hate. Then, they were to bring the bag to school. When the children got to school the next day, they all had their bags. Some bags had one potato, others had three, and some even had up to five. The teacher then told the kids to carry the bags with them all week, wherever they went. The kids did as they were told, and at first, they thought it was fun. But soon, the potatoes began to stink, and they grew tired of carrying the weight around with them. Finally, the week was over and the game with it. When the teacher gathered all of her students together, she asked them, “Well, was carrying around all of those potatoes any fun? Did you enjoy it?” All the children agreed: it was no fun at all! They were happy to rid themselves of the potatoes…

That’s when the teacher revealed the reason behind the game: “Those potatoes were like the hatred we carry around in our hearts. It burdens us and the ‘stench’ of it makes our lives miserable. You carried those potatoes around for only one week. Imagine what it’s like carrying hatred in your heart for your entire life.” She went on to say: “Ridding yourself of the hatred in your heart, and learning to forgive, is the way to enjoy a long and healthy life!” That’s a lovely message to send to children and adults! It’s hard to forgive, but ultimately, not doing it will only drag you down. Now, I wouldn’t suggest you play that game with your kid alone. No. what I would strongly suggest is that you suggested it along with other parents to the teachers at your kid’s school, so that the message gets spread around more easily, more effectively and less awkwardly!

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