Greece is a chaotic country of extraordinary contradictions. (1) Such a small country, barely visible on a global map, yet so famous and so recognizable in multiple ways: from its history to its mythology and from its philosophy to the Hippocratic Oath and the internationally established medical terminology in its entirety. (2) Now, even though we have philosophy and laconism in our blood, we are a bunch of loud blabbermouths, which is obviously another contradiction. If you want to keep a secret, maybe you shouldn’t trust it to your neighbor. Oh, and make no mistake: we criticize everyone and everything. A lot. Whether they’re a friend or an enemy, it doesn’t matter!

If one Greek knows, everyone knows! It is only a matter of minutes before the rumor gets around. The Greek stereotype includes having an opinion about everything, no matter the level of information and knowledgeability on the subject and being a little stubborn about it. From that, one would conclude that we are imposing people, which sounds like a reasonable assumption, but it’s not true. (3) On the contrary, we are quite understanding, empathetic even. Given that we have survived so much, it only makes sense that we would be compassionate. The Greeks are quite artistic people, poetic, who loves to dance and sing during both the good and the bad times. We have great passion, tension, grandiloquence.

(4) Greece is the homeland of both comedy and tragedy. Besides, that’s how art works most of the time. You take something negative and turn it into something either funny or sad, but always artistic, feeling-causing, and thought-provoking. Aside from tragedies for theater, Ancient Greeks’ serious concerns led to an exceptional body of philosophy, while their sense of humor and alternative ways of looking at things led – aside from comedies – to a still-unmatched body of mythology.

And it is not at all surprising that such wonderful art creations have seen the light of day in this country. You see, there are so many sources of inspiration all around. The peach-colored sunsets, the enchanting waterside views, the greener than green mountains, the gloriously pretty villages across the country, the innumerable islands with their crystalline waters, the refreshing sea dips that dominate the Greek beaches for well over four months every year, the many imaginative either national or local customs and traditions…Seeing all that, who can help but to be inspired to love and create?

A heartfelt thank you for reading my blog! Feel free to leave a comment and share your own views and thoughts. Even the most contradictory will be gladly received, as long as they are not offensive and even then, I might say: OK, that’s an opinion! not a good one, but an opinion!

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