Despite attempts to discourage tobacco and alcohol use, it seems that the contrary results appear among young people. There are various factors, such as daily stress and strains, responsible for the augmentation of such unhealthy habits. The solutions will require serious, conscious efforts to be effective.

It is obvious that nowadays young people try to find ways to relieve their stress, tension, and boredom. Every day, they feel much pressure at school from both their peers and their teachers, in the same way, they might experience it from their parents. Besides that, the young have a natural curiosity to taste and experience as many new and different things as possible. One viable way to turn this situation around is to encourage them to spend more quality time with their friends. This can be done by not only their parents but also their teachers. Then, parents must make sure that their children are informed and well-aware of the dangers that both smoking and alcohol encompass. Of course, the fact that both are easily available is not of much help.

Another feasible solution to the problem in question is to change the image of alcohol and to smoke in the media, probably through national agencies that will set several compulsory standards. Then, the media will have to conform to these standards. Unless they do, high fines will be imposed on them. The media and their influence should be utilized to encourage healthy habits by showing and educating about the unhealthy habits’ long-term results in the human body. Moreover, unhealthy products should be significantly more expensive, while their sale should be restricted to minors. Their advertising on television or boards should also be banned – or, at least, limited to a law-designated extent. Young people have their whole life ahead of them. Therefore they should be provided with alternative outlets for boredom, outlets they may stick to even when they will have grown up.

Although this problem is increasingly serious, I do believe that it isn’t one that cannot be confronted. The most effective solution would be the young people’s educating about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol involved. But for it to succeed, parents and schools must become exponentially more willing and informative than they currently are.

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  1. Pietre September 22, 2019 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    As a parent of two if find this blog entry very helpful, thank you Iris!

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