For almost a century now, there has been much debate on whether we should use animals or not develop and test new medicines. As we know, there are two sides to every coin. More often than not, the line between them is notably thin. On one side of the coin in question, it is believed that the usage of animals can hardly be justified. It is argued that humanity means being kind to everyone, respect, and not compromise their rights. Despite that belief, in today’s civilized culture, many of the testing procedures are illegal and cruel. This cruelty which many animals suffer in the name of science is unspeakable. Many people don’t know of the suffering that lab animals endure during the testing and therefore, the supporters of this side want to make the public aware of the immoral issues arising from animal testing.

On the other side, it is intensely claimed that animal testing is vital to improving human health, and generally, mark significant scientific progress. Not to mention the fact that it improves the welfare of other animals as well. After all, medical research is also an invaluable tool in the effort to prolong human life. In fact, our survival is dependent upon finding cures for diseases, such as cancer, MS, and AIDS. Consequently, it is believed that human needs (concerning not only medicine but also food and clothing) should have the priority on this matter. Moreover, it is more important to save people’s lives than those of animals, because, in the long-term, people are those who can help and protect the animals and not the other way around.

It would undeniably be great if it were possible to research without the infliction of any pain on animals. However, all things considered, I think that just like the majority of issues, it is a matter of choices. That is to say, scientific development and progress cannot cease for any reason. So, what is left to do is examine all the choices there are to accomplish that as painlessly as possible. Since it is absolutely inhumane to put humans in this position, the only remaining choice is to help some animal species reproduce more than the usual so that we can use them in lab experiments. That way, human progress can keep being made, while the animals’ food chain is not broken either.


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