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A Parent’s Work Is Never Done…

Most prospective parents ask themselves questions like ‘Am I really ready to become a parent?’ or ‘Am I able to be a parent?’ Big but logical questions given that babies do not come into this world along with a how-to guide. For something as life changing as a first child, that’s not right – why don’t they?

As parents we dream of teaching our children all that we know on the assumption that they can then become the high-flying and happy adults that we want them to be. But, will they? Where does one begin?

This book is my personal endeavor to provide a holistic approach to raising strong and independent individuals. From babies to toddlers to children to teenagers to young adults who leave nest, I try to examine them all and their different needs.

From nutrition and health to education, to psychology, to difficult situations (divorce, moving house, losing a loved one, or a pet, having twins, etc.), I try to provide both practical advice and the necessary philosophical base to approach and effectively deal with the misfortunes that life may bring your way.

I have also tried to look at the future of parenting and the education system to give you a little food for thought in this rapidly changing world because one thing is very clear to me: “What we know today will almost certainly not be the answer tomorrow”.

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